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"The place where GOD dwelt among his people"

Coming to Lebanon, TN
September 30th, 2023



Saturday, September 30th, 2023 

Wilson County Tennessee State Fairgrounds

Tour the life-size, 75 feet x 150 feet, representation of the Wilderness Tabernacle of Moses at no charge to the public.


Guided tours will be conducted on Saturday, September 30th starting at 9 am until 5 PM. The last tour will be at 5 pm. Tour Time: 25-35 minutes.

Small groups will be taken by a Tour Guide through the Tabernacle. Experts will share short stories and teachings about the furnishings, the history and how the tabernacle's design related to the eventual coming of Jesus Christ 1440 years after it was designed by God and built by Moses.


You will learn the significance of the design of the courtyard fence, each piece of furniture in the courtyard and the tabernacle...the purpose of the sacrifices…The reason for the shewbreads the significance of the Mercy Seat…this is the place where God dwelt among his people.


The Tabernacle will be available for private one-hour group reservations between 7 am and 4 pm on October 1st.


Contact Geni Batchelor, at to reserve your private group.


Paul Blair

President | Reclaiming America for Christ
Former Chicago Bears Football Player


Speaking at 9:00 AM Tour

In 2008, Pastor Blair was named Pastor of the Year for the State of Oklahoma by the Bott Radio Network.  In 2011, Pastor Blair was named National Pastor of the Year by Vision America at the Westin Galleria in Houston.  In 2013, Pastor Blair received the James Caldwell Award from the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. Pastor Blair has been a featured guest on the Glenn Beck Television Show, the Glenn Beck Radio Show, AFA Radio, the Mike Gallagher Radio Show, Focus on the Family Radio, The Rest of the Story with Dick Bott, Washington Watch with Tony Perkins and Faith 2 Action with Janet Porter. 


Pastor Blair and Fairview Baptist Church’s radio ministry, Exploring the Word, airs weekdays at 3:00 PM on Bott Radio across the state of Oklahoma.   In 2015, Exploring the Word was given the “Excellence in Broadcasting Award” from the Bott Radio Network.  Exploring the Word is also heard in Orlando, Florida on Salem Radio.  Pastor Blair serves on the Advisory Board for Bott Radio in Oklahoma and is a member of the Council for National Policy.   


Thanks to the collaborative efforts of many community leaders, businesses, churches, neighbors, and citizens at large, a life-sized replica of the 75'x150' Wilderness Tabernacle of Moses will be assembled  on the Wilson County Tennessee State Fair Grounds.

Outside the Tabernacle Courtyard will be informative stops where you can enjoy learning about the food they ate, fabrics they used, musical instruments they played, and other customs of the era.  You may even see a spotless lamb here and there.  There will also be a beautiful Wall of Appreciation depicting images of those God loving Tennessee businesses and churches who participated in bringing this experience to you and some of their favorite bible verses. 

You can expect authenticity in materials, costumes and furnishings that enhance the historical, biblically accurate information that will be shared with you about this most sacred of Tabernacles.  You will even hear the Shofar's Call to Worship hourly.

This is where the Arc of the Covenant was kept, where the Israelites worshipped God throughout their journey in the wilderness and where they prepared to meet Him.  And we will also make Prayer Tents available should you be so moved after your tour.  

It is time for America to turn her face back to God and there is a growing hunger in America to do just that.  We offer this opportunity for each and every one who attends and pray that that moment is now.


At The Tabernacle Tour, we offer a unique opportunity to experience the holy place where God dwelt among his people on earth during the days of Moses until Solomon built the temple. Our mission is to provide an immersive and educational experience that brings you closer to God's presence.


The designers of this event want you to know that it is being created by a group of God’s Children who live in this State by and for the Glory of God.  There is room for everyone to be a part of bringing it to life…..regardless of denomination and without any preferential recognition to any one church no matter what the level of their participation, be it large or small.  This is a unique opportunity for us to show unity to our community, our county, our state, the nation.  To stand side by side to create an experience for everyone that they might know Jesus Christ and be saved.

The King Is Coming, and we encourage you to recognize that this event is designed to bring the Body of Christ together and to bring people to an experience where they may be moved to repent, renew their relationship with Jesus Christ or begin one with Him.   Whatever our denomination, THIS is what we are called to do and the Wilderness Tabernacle was designed by God to do just that….foreshadow His coming to sacrifice his blood for our sins and to foreshadow His coming again.

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