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Message to Pastors and Partners

The designers of this event want you to know that it is being created by a group of God’s Children who live in this State by and for the Glory of God.  There is room for everyone to be a part of bringing it to life…..regardless of denomination and without any preferential recognition to any one church no matter what the level of their participation, be it large or small.  This is a unique opportunity for us to show unity to our community, our county, our state, the nation.  To stand side by side to create an experience for everyone that they might know Jesus Christ and be saved.

The King Is Coming and we encourage you to recognize that this event is designed to bring the Body of Christ together and to bring people to an experience where they may be moved to repent, renew their relationship with Jesus Christ or begin one with Him.   Whatever our denomination, THIS is what we are called to do and the Wilderness Tabernacle was designed by God to do just that….foreshadow His coming to sacrifice his blood for our sins and to foreshadow His coming again.

We are facing a spiritual battle in our country as we watch evil being exposed all around us.  Now is the time for us to boldly stand together to share what we know….that Jesus is the Gate, the Truth, the Light and the ONLY way to life everlasting.

Ways to engage...

There are several ways available for you and your church to be a part of this moment:

  • Run an Information Booth in the “Customs of the Era Corridor”This can be a really fun learning for a group to discover what foods were eaten then and make samples, their tools & weapons, clothing and fabric dying processes, musical instruments and music they played, the geographic location of the wilderness, or their currencies, etc. then as people come through the corridor your group will share with them what you learned

  • Sponsor a Courtyard Fence Post for $100 Our goal is to be able to say that the Courtyard Fence around the tabernacle was built with the support of 60 Tennessee churches

  • Attend the Pastors’ Breakfast or Lunch that day 7:30am breakfast or 12n lunch as our guest will include access to a self-guided tour through the Tabernacle and Special Guest Speaker, David Barton of Wallbuilders for pastors and church leaders.

  • Give a financial Gift to support the cost of bringing the Tabernacle to Lebanon

  • Announce the event to your Congregation in your Program and from the Pulpit

  • Reserve your Youth Group’s Special Tour in the 4:00 pm hour.

  • Encourage your Congregation to Volunteer!!!!  Encourage your church family to really be a part of this individually by volunteering to share their gifts with this project in the planning and promotion phase now, in our fair booth in late August or on the weekend of the tours……..there are many many opportunities for individual volunteerism found on our volunteer platform

  • Hold worship service at the Tabernacle on Sunday, October 1, 2023 as reservations permit.

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