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Assistant Reservation Coordinator

Photographer:  "The King Is Coming" Tabernacle Experience

Feeding Clean-Up Crew

Tabernacle Take Down Crew

Co-Point Person for Tabernacle

Background Actors for the Wilderness Tabernacle

State Fair Booth Take Down

State Fair Booth Set Up

Tabernacle Group Tour Guides

Sew Biblical Robes

Tabernacle Marketing Coordinator

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Would you be interested in a Class Project?  We are all blessed to have an opportunity to tour the display of a life-sized representation of the Wilderness Tabernacle of Moses right here in Lebanon on September 30, 2023, at the Farm Bureau Expo Center. 

The event is designed to be a community-wide endeavor and an incredible opportunity for the Body of Christ to come together and collaborate for the Glory of God.  It offers a potential learning opportunity for a Sunday School class and a fun group project that I, Geni Batchelor, am coordinating.  I would be delighted to come to your class to share the event and the opportunity to be a part of it with you.  


Please reach out directly to Geni Batchelor at 704-604-4775 (phone or text)  or email me at and let’s schedule me to come speak with your class/group soon. 

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